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The company S R INVESTMENTS has been promoted by a very young and Professionally qualifed person Mr. Sandeep Bhargava. After completing his B.Tech (Textiles) and MBA (Finance) he worked in various advisory firms for about 5 years. On 1st Feb 2000 he promoted S R INVESTMENTS mainly to cater to High Net Worth and Retail Investors. Over the last 10 years S R has established itself in an enviable reputation in the area of Financial Planning, stock broking and mutual fund advisory. ‘Client First’ attitude has made Sandeep a highly respectable person among his clients.

The products being serviced currently include stock broking, investment in Fixed Income schemes, Mutual Fund Schemes besides Insurance. We always keep our investors up to date on latest market changes and review his portfolio regularly. Our end-to-end personalized investment management services includes planning, advisory, execution and monitoring of investments. The objective is to preserve and enhance your wealth and achieve your financial goals.

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Financial Planning: Financial goal of each individual investor varies according to his dream, ambition and family size and future financial planning for the children & old age pension for self and wife so does the pathway to achieve it. At S R Investments, we apply the principles of Financial Planning as both science & art, we understand the time horizon , risk bearing capacity and investment goals of investors keeping in mind their psyche and financial needs. Based upon this we help individual investors plan their entire life upto Retirement, Taxes, Insurance needs and other important personal financial goals.

Investment Advisory: We offer ‘need based’ Investment Advice to retail investors. We offer investors advice on a range of over 100 investment schemes including Fixed Income, Equity and Debt Mutual Fund products. We also offer Life Insurance Planning and General Insurance services.

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Risk Factors – Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to Market Risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. Mutual Fund Schemes do not assure or guarantee any returns. Past performances of any Mutual Fund Scheme may or may not be sustained in future. There is no guarantee that the investment objective of any suggested scheme shall be achieved. All existing and prospective investors are advised to check and evaluate the Exit loads and other cost structure (TER) applicable at the time of making the investment before finalizing on any investment decision for Mutual Funds schemes. We deal in Regular Plans only for Mutual Fund Schemes and earn a Trailing Commission on client investments. Disclosure For Commission earnings is made to clients at the time of investments. Option of Direct Plan for every Mutual Fund Scheme is available to investors offering advantage of lower expense ratio. We are not entitled to earn any commission on Direct plans. Hence we do not deal in Direct Plans.

AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor | ARN- 3063 | Date of initial Registration: 25th march 2003 | Current validity: 9th Jan 2025
Grievance Officer: SANDEEP BHARGAVA | Phone : 9810387234 | Email id: sandeep@srinvestmentsonline.com

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.
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